Friday, September 25, 2009

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David Carradine: Kill Bill

"-was the true story of Charlie Wallser?"
"- I could not swear to every detail but it is certainly true that it is a story."

[No Country for Old Men]

The details of this story have passed from mouth to mouth, so I'm not ready to swear on their complete authenticity. But it remains a story. Here it is.
I loafers, the ones I mean, there are no more. Or better, so I thought until A few weeks ago. Sadly, for years, I tried to themselves that the British (Crockett & Jones in all) were the best on the square, they were the closest to those archetypes which are now too firmly etched in my memory to be able to compromise. But no, basically I have never gone down. The only viable option was to house the grandmother as the last vestiges of an extinct species.
few weeks ago, a cousin of the older generation goes to Paris to visit, and Cousins \u200b\u200bof the new generation can not help but notice that the doors of beautiful moccasins. "Spongy, light, beautiful." I immediately reported the news. Cousin "old school" is certainly a very elegant man, and the "little cousin" are certainly guys with good taste, so I take the ' for good insight. "They are made by hand, tailor in Florence. Here we immediately ordered him a pair"-says the cousin, "and it immediately triggers a mad rush to those moccasins.

With a bit of intelligence I get the information you need well-structured and, beating all the time, are the first to find them. I smiled when I saw them. The shop owner (which makes them get to Florence), I will certainly have taken for a madman. I did not know that skin color and scgliere were all beautiful. Lightweight, tapered, sole wire. rfetti, although not for all seasons. In the end I have brought two, knowing that soon I would have bought them all. Back home (I was in a period of "tiring" at home), I show them to my father: "Jacopo but are you kidding? These I have too. Were not you noticed?". Had found them before me. that's why they were so familiar.

Now a bit of mythology. The moccasins are an exact reproduction of the model Arfango, famous in annisettanta when Tod's still there was no news. The old creative director of the Florentine house had them replicated, using foreign brands and unknown (No trace on the internet). I'm talking about the past because it seems he has died just over two months ago, leaving us again without hope.
models that have the same "line" are three: classical and formal, polished leather, sports, the aged look (a miracle), and suede. The thread that unites them is the soft, sober and a touch of the past, gives the impression that you bring the foot is something that came before us, something that does not need to be used for "aging well." In short, the best discovery of the year.



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